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Flames get shelled by Steelers

The Grandview Steelers were way too much for the Flames in a 10-1 win. The Steelers rifled 45 shots at the Flames goaltenders while the Flames could only muster 16 of their own. Reece Rivard scored the only Flames goal at 17:01 of the third period with assists by Alexander Smith and Adam Bartsch.


Grandview Steelers at 2:45 – Karl Schopf from Brandon Ganz and Matt Martin
Grandview Steelers at 16:47 – Colton Schock from Giancarlo Romano and Sean Lan
Grandview Steelers at 19:18 – Karl Schopf from Joel Gaudet and Matt Martin
Grandview Steelers at 0:41 – Kyle Golz from Kentaro Tanaka and Joey Santucci
Grandview Steelers at 4:50 (PP) – Simon Horlick from Kentaro Tanaka and Vik Sanghera
Grandview Steelers at 13:49 – Joey Santucci from Alexander Roberts and Matteo Belmonte
Grandview Steelers at 2:03 – Mico Dragutinovic from Alexander Roberts and Matteo Belmonte
Grandview Steelers at 2:19 – Matt Martin from Simon Horlick and Karl Schopf
Grandview Steelers at 14:25 (PP) – Matteo Belmonte from Joel Gaudet and Christopher Busto
Ridge Meadows Flames at 17:01 – Reece Rivard from Alexander Smith and Adam Bartsch
Grandview Steelers at 17:25 – Vik Sanghera from Giancarlo Romano


No Penalties
Ridge Meadows Flames at 4:31 – Matthew Bevilacqua for Kneeing (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 7:59 – Joey Weilmeier for Slashing (2 Min.)
Grandview Steelers at 16:27 – Sean Lan for Game Misconduct (10 Min.)
Grandview Steelers at 16:27 – Sean Lan for Checking to the Head (2 Min.)
Grandview Steelers at 19:02 – David Banka for Delay Of Game (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 2:27 – Trevor Harris for Elbowing (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 8:00 – Alexander Smith for Tripping (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 10:02 – Reece Rivard for Cross Checking (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 12:44 – Trevor Harris for Slashing (2 Min.)
Ridge Meadows Flames at 19:40 – Reece Rivard for Elbowing (2 Min.)


Ridge Meadows Flames – Tyler Klassen (L), 20:41, 19 shots, 15 saves
Ridge Meadows Flames – Jordan Eggert (Backup), 39:18, 26 shots, 20 saves
Grandview Steelers – David Banka (W), 60:00, 16 shots, 15 saves